The Dr. Cairo Difference

We understand that you have unique needs, desires, and goals with respect to your oral health, and we aim to satisfy all your needs while restoring the function of the mouth, improving your smile and your life.

We provide solutions that incorporate function and aesthetics together for your long-term success. We operate on a Wellness Model where we promote basic oral health first and foremost. Once this has been achieved we can begin to restore stability and function for those in need, with aesthetics in mind. This always occurs at a pace determined by you, with the ultimate goal being, to achieve and maintain oral wellness.

Our relaxing atmosphere includes massaging dental chairs, buckwheat wraps and support pillows (for your arms, legs, back and neck), fleece blankets, air purification and aromatherapy throughout the office, plus a well-stocked beverage bar for your enjoyment (including espresso, Caribou® coffee, teas, cocoa, bottled water, fruit juice, and nutrition shakes.) Comfortable slippers are also provided during longer appointments.
Warm Lavender towels are available after treatments, as well as our signature lip balm, ice/cool packs, shaded eye wear, comfortable mouth supports, and an array of music for your choosing.

We utilize modern dental technology for diagnosis and treatment. Electronic record keeping and communication is used to enhance every dental appointment, as well as to expedite communication with insurance companies. Digital radiography is used for patient comfort and to minimize potential radiation exposure. Digital photography improves treatment and diagnostic visualization, as well as laboratory communication. Microscope-enhanced Dentistry using Zeiss™ operating microscopes enhances diagnostic and treatment accuracy. Modern dental materials are used to ensure highly aesthetic restorations without the use of amalgam (silver) or metal. Additionally, we maintain a state-of -the-art sterilization center to ensure the health and safety of those we care for.

We work with a team of exquisite local specialists only when Dr. Cairo deems outside treatment necessary. Our interdisciplinary team is the most highly trained, competent and respected Doctors in the area.

Our solutions are always executed in ways that are convenient for your schedule and budget.

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