Dental Veneers are thin “porcelain jackets” that are used to recreate the look of natural teeth. Veneers are strong, resilient and comparable to tooth enamel.
Veneers are best suited to close gaps between teeth, correct minor bite-related problems, fix chipped or fractured teeth or for discolored teeth that have not responded to whitening procedures. Other benefits of veneers are that less than 1 mm of natural tooth structure is removed, and veneers will not pick up stain – so you can enjoy all the coffee and red wine you desire.

However, veneers can chip under excessive force, so avoid using teeth to open things, nail biting and other parafunctional habits like grinding and clenching on the jaws. Often a Bite Guard or Splint is used after veneers are made to protect the teeth.  Veneers do require maintenance by brushing and flossing daily, and avoiding abrasive toothpastes. It is important to visit your Dentist and Hygienist regularly to evaluate and protect your smile.

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