Implant-Supported Denture


Dental implants can be used to replace a section or full arch of missing teeth, using an improved version of a full or partial denture. A specific number of dental implants are placed into the jawbone and allowed to heal (osseointegrate) to the surrounding bone. While this is occurring, impressions and other measurements are taken to design and create a prosthesis (denture). Once the implants are fully healed, the prosthesis is attached to the dental implants with male/female connections, similar to snaps, which gives support to the denture which is far more superior than denture adhesives. "Snapping" the denture into place creates an enhanced level of confidence that a denture will never slip out of place. Additionally, the implants locations stimulate bone in the area to keep the arch plump, supporting the lips and keeping a full, natural appearance.

The benefit of this type of prosthesis is that the patient has control, and is able to remove the prosthesis on their own at home. The "snaps" occasionally need replacement as they wear, which is a quick and straight forward adjument the doctor makes in-office.

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