Our Mission

Our unique approach provides a fresh and new experience the moment you enter the office. You will be greeted by warm and friendly team members, and an equally warm and comforting environment. The office does not look, sound, smell or "feel" like a typical dental practice. These qualities are not present by chance, but exist intentionally to provide anything but a typical dental experience.

Our Mission is to empower all people through education and mutual diagnosis, with the understanding that we will provide the highest quality comprehensive restorative and aesthetic dentistry possible in a secure, comfortable and nurturing environment.  We will give individualized, value-driven and relationship-based dental care appropriate for the needs, desires and expectations of those we treat.  In doing so, we vow to help our patients improve their oral function, aesthetics, self-esteem, overall health and well being.

Our Vision is to become the preeminent, restorative, reconstructive and aesthetic dental practice in the Central Massachusetts area.  We continually strive to practice in an environment that our patients prefer to receive their optimal dental health care, our staff is proud to work, and where people in our community will refer others.  We choose to value quality over quantity, personal relationships over numbers, and to do this in a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment.  Our belief is that these qualities will create an overall pleasant experience.  We provide exceptional dental care appropriate for the needs of the people we treat.  Our promise is to charge fair fees for the quality of our care, and do this for people of all ages.

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