Sleep Dentistry

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We hear all the time how terrifying it is to go to the dentist. The smell. The sound of the drill. The elevator music. The bully at the front desk. The gruff dentist with fingers the size of sausages---

STOP right there! There is a better way, really!

At Brandon L. Cairo DMD, we are here to provide you with exceptional dental care in a secure, comfortable and nurturing environment. This commitment to our patients is something each member of our team deeply values.

The aroma when you first open the door is that of an essential oil blend created by Dr. Cairo himself. The music selection is not what you would expect, and neither are Krystle and Jacqui at the front office. Dr. Cairo breaks the dental mold in every way about what a dental office "should be."

If that doesn't sounds like enough the help alleviate your dental concerns, take a deep breath, because we also offer sleep dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry allows you to rest your eyes and quiet your mind while Dr. Cairo and his team addresses your dental needs. We partner with a preeminent dentist anesthesiologist who travels to our office routinely, to select and administer the best method of sedation for your needs. This often ranges from nitrous oxide to deep "sleep" sedation.

We are happy to provide more information about sleep dentistry. You can reach us at (508) 852-5200.


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